Professors in the sciences and social sciences at UC Davis are using the one-click Student Purchase option to engage students with peer assessment, efficiently offer meaningful assignments, and create a community of learners no matter how large the class.

Professors may participate in the assessment however they wish, but the grading algorithms hold students accountable and are powerful enough to allow assignments to flow from publish date to gradebook entry without any instructor intervention at all.

Promote writing-in-the-discipline and develop the higher-order thinking skills essential for student success. For more information or for instructions on how to configure Peerceptiv as an external tool in Canvas, please contact info@

Peerceptiv is a Canvas Certified Partner.

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Engage Students with peer assessment

Break the dependence on passive multiple-choice assignments and realize the benefits of peer assessment. Offer students a wide range of active assignments—writing, presentations, video upload, projects—and engage them on the giving side of the feedback loop in ways that truly improve learning outcomes.

More than a decade of research has gone into the development of the grading algorithms that hold students accountable for the quality and accuracy of their reviews. Peerceptiv motivates students to apply themselves in the role of instructor to their peers, which is the key to effective collaborative assessment.

Drive Improvement with Instructor Analytics

Peerceptiv offers a wide range of analytics to confirm learning objectives are met, identify students in need of early intervention, and guide the instructor on rubric improvement over time. Learning dashboards allow administrators to monitor progress and measure outcomes from course-to-course, across disciplines. By using peer assessment, instructors will have on demand access to more valuable learning data because of the volume and frequency of peer feedback. Peerceptiv is now IMS Caliper Analytics® v1.1 certified.

Promote Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing equals thinking. Peerceptiv is used in many different types of writing assessments in all subjects. Students learn not just by writing, but also by gaining new perspectives from reviewing the writing of their peers. They receive much more actionable feedback, and they receive it far faster with peer assessment, than in an instructor-centered course environment.

Scale Deeper Learning

Peerceptiv’s grading algorithms allow truly scalable learning in all courses and classroom models. Instructors have the opportunity to participate along with learners, often increasing the benefits of peer assessment, at any desired level—including the option to intervene only for selective students if they wish. Peerceptiv scales naturally no matter how many students there are, or what the subject is, in the classroom or online.