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Validated by 20 years of research at the University of Pittsburgh, Peerceptiv actively engages learners in giving and receiving feedback while offering unmatched instructor productivity. Peer Review, Peer Assessment, Team Member Evaluation, and Live Presentation assignments enable authentic assessment that improves outcomes in any course, in any discipline, in any size class. Learners build critical thinking and communication skills as they participate in high-level academic dialogue. Easy to set up and facilitate in any learning application, Peerceptiv calculates valid and reliable scores to offer a level of instructional efficiency that lowers costs for the school, institution, or organization.

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Peerceptiv is used to implement peer learning in many institutions of higher education in North America and around the world in the sciences, social sciences, English language arts, business, engineering, graphic design and almost every other subject matter.

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At Peerceptiv, our entire team is dedicated to the improvement of learning outcomes through collaboration and innovation.

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