icon showing a school buildingTransform your classroom into a community of learners with Peerceptiv’s collaborative assessment technology. Giving and receiving peer feedback empowers students to take the lead in the learning process.

When taking on the role of the grader, students naturally gain a deeper understanding of the skills and content in any discipline. Student feedback loops will accelerate and produce exponentially more actionable and constructive comments.

Generate standards-based student data without using multiple choice. Peerceptiv’s research-validated grading algorithms ensure that the data you receive will be accurate and bias-free for any type of assignment (writing, presentations, lab reports, projects, etc.). Administrators and teachers can track student growth toward mastery on any rubric. Teachers utilize real-time data to inform their instruction and meet student needs at any level. The Shared Assignment Library encourages sharing of best assessment practices across disciplines and grade levels.

Foster student agency and confidence when you draw back the curtain on assessment practices. Peerceptiv directly involves students in the assessment process, so they internalize the evaluation dimensions and develop critical reasoning skills in the process.

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