This User Data Policy was updated 08/01/2018

This policy describes the personal information we process to support the use of Peerceptiv as an Educational Technology tool. The Peerceptiv User Data Policy is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation requirements.

What kinds of information do we collect?

Peerceptiv collects the Names, Email Addresses, and Student ID Numbers provided by certain educational institutions. If using an LMS (Learning Management System), the name of the institution associated with the LMS and class section membership may be collected as well. We also collect the type of device used to access the site and IP addresses that are stored in temporary logs.

What is the purpose for collecting this data?

The information collected is used to authenticate user accounts. Additionally, student names and email addresses are available to instructors of the course in which those students are enrolled. Peerceptiv also uses email addresses to communicate with users about pending tasks within the system and updates that will affect the user experience.

How do we categorize the data subjects?

  • Administrator
  • Instructor
  • Learner

Do we share this data outside of Peerceptiv?

No. Any data collected in Peerceptiv is for use within the educational technology.

How long do we keep your personal data on file?

Peerceptiv keeps information required for a user’s account, for a period of 5 years unless the user chooses to delete said information. This permits the user to login to Peerceptiv and view old course results if they wish.

How do we protect the data that we collect?

All data collected by Peerceptiv is stored within industry standard (AES-256) encrypted databases and log files. Furthermore, sensitive password data is hashed using modern password hashing.

How can I manage or delete my information from Peerceptiv?

When you delete your Peerceptiv account, all personal data is deleted from our databases. You have the ‘right to be forgotten’ and can exercise that right by deleting your account.

You can view your personal data and delete your account by selecting “User Profile” from the  “User Info” drop down in the navigation menu. On that page you have the option to delete your account.

California Consumer Privacy Act

Peerceptiv does not currently sell consumer information, has no plans to begin selling user data, and will inform users and provide an opt-out should Peerceptiv start selling user data in the future.

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