corporate peer learning logoPeerceptiv offers companies, non-profits, and government organizations a complete training solution for peer collaboration, skills development, and skill validation, at any scale.

Peerceptiv improves professional and workforce development through active peer-to-peer engagement, allowing organizations to offer stakeholders the meaningful assessment needed to develop and validate workplace skills. Peer learning workflows and algorithms generated over two decades of research at the University of Pittsburgh allow valid and reliable skills validation at a scale not available in any other learning model.

Peer learning supports the efficient development of durable skills, such as critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. Research shows learners of all types and levels more readily accept feedback from peers than supervisors for training and skill-building. Peerceptiv offers a learning workflow that benefits the feedback giver as much as the recipient.

This kind of experiential learning allows organizations to meet standards while employees can be more creative, learn from their mistakes, and reflect more deeply on their work. Valuable peer learning lessons and assessments can be built around the learner’s everyday work activities. Learning isn’t something employees should have to stop to do; it can be integrated smoothly into the flow of work.

Whether for training and professional development within your organization or for outside training/credentialing services offered by your organization, peer learning with Peerceptiv is the ideal solution. Ready to learn more? Request a demo and see how Peerceptiv can help.

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