graduation cap logoPeer engagement through Peerceptiv naturally scales development of the communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills essential for student and lifelong success. Real time learning data confirms learning objectives are met, quickly identifies students in need of intervention, and helps improve rubrics over time. 

With double-blind peer assessment by Peerceptiv, instructors can offer a wide range of writing, presentation, graphic, video upload, and other evidence-based assessments in any learning environment. These higher-order learning tasks build the critical thinking, writing, and interpersonal skills employers demand most in the workplace.

Research-validated to ensure assessment
by multiple peers with reliability and validity
equal to that of an expert assessor.


IMS Global Certified LogoPeerceptiv enables true peer-to-peer learning, while offering professors the flexibility to participate in assessment any way they wish. Faculty can collaborate with students throughout the review process or participate selectively, driven by real-time learning data.

Peerceptiv is configurable with a wide range of Learning Management Systems, allowing for a seamless learning experience for professors and students integrated within your school’s existing technology.

Student Benefits

Builds critical analysis, collaboration & other 21st Century skills


Actively engaging in evaluating peers’ work adds depth of knowledge


Receive more detailed feedback… faster


Faculty Benefits

Assign creative and engaging evidence-based assessment no matter how large the class.


Spend less time grading and more time teaching


Identify skill deficits and areas of misunderstanding at the class or individual level


Provide individualized support for students

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