Help students improve their collaboration skills by adding anonymous peer evaluations to any group work in your course. This is a one-step activity for students that can be assigned independently or added to a Peerceptiv group assignment.


Set up a Team Member Evaluation with three simple steps.

Use Team Member Evaluation as a final phase of a Peerceptiv group project or on its own to improve collaboration and teamwork skills.  Group members provide single-blind evaluation and feedback to team members, giving them valuable insight on how to work more productively in groups. Use the pre-loaded rubric criteria or edit the characteristics however you wish…

Pre-Loaded Rubric Criteria:

Content Knowledge and Skills: Did the team member have or acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to the successful completion of the project? Behaviors to consider: understands common vocabulary, completes background readings or research, knows how to use necessary equipment or technology, has ability to fill multiple roles within the group, etc.

Work Ethic: Was the team member dedicated to completing the amount of work necessary to achieve the goals of the group?

Professionalism: How well did each team member maintain the appropriate level of professionalism throughout the project? Behaviors to consider: shows respect towards team members, arrives to meetings on time, meets deadlines, uses applicable technology, etc.

Communication: How well did each team member communicate in the appropriate manner for this project? Behaviors to consider: uses academic dialogue, listens to other team members, offers and accepts feedback constructively, facilitates positive interactions among team members, etc.

Overall Contribution: How much did each team member contribute to the overall successful completion of the project?

Quantitative Peer Evaluation:

Qualitative Peer Evaluation:

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