Instructors at UC Santa Cruz are using the one-click Student Purchase option to engage students with peer assessment, efficiently offer meaningful assignments, and create a community of learners no matter how large the class.

“I’m using Peerceptiv for the first time this quarter and LOVE it. And — what’s far more important — the students love it and are both more thoughtful about their own writing (because peers will read it), and becoming stronger readers/reviewers of the work of others, able to apply review lessons learned to their own writing.”

– Derede Arthur,
Lecturer Writing Program/Core UC Santa Cruz


Peer learning and assessment are proven methods to improve student outcomes for any type of learning objective. Peerceptiv now makes it possible to facilitate this type of learning in any size course with any type of assignment. With grading algorithms that leverage peer responses to automate scoring, you can spend less time grading and more time teaching while providing a more active experience for students.

Promote writing-in-the-discipline and develop the higher-order thinking skills essential for student success. For more information or for instructions on how to configure Peerceptiv as an external tool in Canvas, please contact info@ or fill out the form on the right.

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