Peerceptiv: the Peer Learning solution for Canvas

Peerceptiv is the leader in peer learning with over a decade of experience serving Canvas customers. Peerceptiv offers data-driven Peer Review, Peer Assessment, and Team Member Evaluation that integrates seamlessly with Canvas for authentic assessment at any scale. Almost two decades of research supports the validity and reliability of peer scoring in Peerceptiv, offering universities and organizations exceptional instructor efficiency and authentic assessment at any scale.

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Peer Learning Assignment Types

  • Research-Validated & Reliable Grading: Peerceptiv generates valid and reliable grades for the quality of student submissions and reviewing behavior, making grading easier for instructors and holding students accountable during the review process.
  • Peer Review and Assessment: Instructors can easily engage students with writing, presentation, video upload, computer code, group projects, and almost any other assessment around which a rubric may be written. Students learn by reviewing and receiving feedback from peers, building critical thinking and communication skills as they engage with their peers in a collaborative learning environment. Assign authentic assessments while providing learners with the feedback they need to succeed.
  • Live Presentations: Peer assessment for live presentations that actively engages students in the audience online or in the classroom in rubric-based peer reviewing. Generate real-time data about the quality of the presentation and assess the accuracy and helpfulness of the students who provide the peer reviews.
  • Team Member Evaluation: Allows students to provide quantitative and qualitative feedback to group members to improve collaboration skills and group dynamics. This may include 360-style reviews, unique rubric standards for different group roles, and other capabilities that develop essential teamwork and workplace skills.